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20'' 150LB C95800 RF connection axial flow/ Venturi check valve

20'' 150LB C95800 RF connection axial flow/ Venturi check valve

  • Valve type: Venturi check valve
  • Port size:20''
  • Pressure:150LB
  • Material: ASTM B148 UNS C95800End: RF
  • Operation: /
  • Application: Sea water
  • Working temperature: normal
Product description:
Cowinns Venturi check valve, the disc is the only moving part to minimize internal wear, and the configuration of disc, seating and body provides streamlined flow path with a venture effect so as to reduce pressure loss as small as possible. The compressed disc spring initiates valve closure as flow slows down and provides quick reaction on flow velocity change. These unique design features ensure Cowinns axial flow check valve valves can deliver an effective dynamic reaction under various flow deceleration conditions, this design valve can be used in a wide range of critical and demanding service applications, such as fast-reversing reciprocating compressor system or in installations where the check valve must be placed in close proximity to the pump inlet or outlet

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