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Worm gear operated with handle wheel DN150 PN63 A182 F316 hard face trunnion mounted full port RF connection 3 pc ball valve

Worm gear operated with handle wheel DN150 PN63 A182 F316 hard face trunnion mounted full port RF connection 3 pc ball valve

  • Valve type: Ball valve
  • Port size:DN150
  • Pressure:PN63
  • Material: A182 F316
  • End: RF
  • Operation: worm gear operated
  • Application: Coal chemical industry, high sour gas field with abrasive solids, offshore etc.
  • Medium : Chemical
  • Working temperature: high temperature
Product description:
GB/T 12237 design standard
Split body, forged steel , side entry design
Anti Blow-out Stem: The stem is made separately from the ball. The lower end of the stem is designed
with an integral shoulder to be blowout-proof.
Anti-static Device: The Antistatic Device is a standard feature of the Cowinns ball valve.
A spring-loaded pin assures the electrical continuity between the ball, stem and body, to avoid sparking during of the stem to open and close the valve.
Super Fire safe design:
External leakage prevention
Leakage from the valve stem area is prevented by two O-ring seals and a gland gasket. Leakage through the valve body connection is also blocked by an O-ring seal and a body gasket. After a fire deteriorated the O-ring, gland and body gasket the fires safe stem packing prevents external leakage.
Internal leakage prevention
After the soft sealing materials are decomposed or deteriorated by fire, the edge of the metal seat preloaded by the seat spring comes into contact with the ball to shut off the process media and minimize internal leakage through the valve bore. Also the fire safe graphite packing is compressed by the seat spring to prevent process media leakage between the valve body and the seal.
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