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Product description:
Products range
Valve Type : Gate valve, Globe valve ,Check valve , Butterfly valve, Ball valve
Pressure rating:150-2500LB (45MPa)
Valve size:DN15-600(12/''-24'')
End connection: RF,BW/ SW, Thread......
Valve Materials: ASTM A351 CF8,CF3,CF3M or equipment
Operation temperature:-46℃ , -101℃ ,-196℃ ,-253℃
Design features
1.Extended packing
2.DBB device
3.Reliable sealing construction
4.Fire proof and anti-static
5.Material fit for cryogenic application
6.Different construction fit for diversified process
Manufacturing features
1.High precision process and standardized process control
2.Strict cleaning and assembly control
3.Strict process test measurement
Inspection and Test Features
1.Nitrogen gas test in ambient temperature
2.Nitrogen gas test in low temperature
    3.Low emission test
Design and manufacturing standards
BS6364            Low temperature valve
ASME B 16.4       RF ,thread and BW/SW
SHELL SPE 77/200   Low temperature and Cryogenic Valve
GB/T 24925        Low temperature valve specification
Inspection and testing standards
API598             Valve inspection and test
BS6364             Low temperature valve
SHELL SPE 77/312     Low emission test
    ISO 24925           Low emission test
Valve body material selection

-100~46℃:Austenitic stainless or LC3(LF3)
-196~100℃:Austenitic stainless
or "double material' such as:A351 CF3/CF8

Remark: Extended bonnets dimensions are customizable

Cryogenic Valve

China Handle wheel operated DN20 PN16 ASTM B182 F304 forged hard seat  RF connection cryogenic globe valve factory

Handle wheel operated DN20 PN16 ASTM B182 F304 forged hard seat RF connection cryogenic globe valve

Product description: Products range Valve Type : Gate valve, Globe valve ,Check valve , Butterfly valve, Ball valve Pressure rating:150-2500LB (45MPa)...More