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Instruction for special alloy material

1.Titanium material features:
The most distinct character of titanium material is its excellent resistance to corrosion ,especially on aids, aqua regia & moist chlorine in water. Titanium is very light and very strong. Whilst it is an expensive material weight for weight with many other materials, its high strength can be utilized to good effect in designs, by reducing wall thickness and subsequently weight and cost
Titanium valve application for below fluids:
Acetic acid, Acetic anhydride, Acetyl Chloride, Ethanol,Aluminium Chloride,Aluminium potassium,Ammonium chloride,Ammonium hydroxide,Ammonium nitrate,Ammonium sulphate,Aniline,Benzene,Pure moist bromine,Dry carbon tetrachloride.Citric acid,Ethers,Formaldehyde,Formic acid,Nickel sulphate,Nitric acid,Picric acid,Potassium dichromate,sodium hydroxide,Zinc chloride etc.
Other unlisted fluids please contact with our sales team for supporting.

Material stock for titanium gate valves

2.Nickel alloy material features:
Nickel alloy contain
Monel 400 Monel 500
Inconel 600/625/690/750
Incoloy 800/825/800H/800Ht
Hastelloy B3/C/C4/C22/C276/G30

Nickel material valves are typically used in high temperature and corrosion applications.
Nickel base material valve application for below fluids:
Monel 400 :Acetic acid,Ethers,Hydrofluoric,Oleic acid,Potassium dichromate,Sodium hydroxide,Sodium sulphide,
Inconel 625:Acetic acid,Ethanol,Aluminium postassium,Ammonium Chloride.Ammonium hydroxide,Ammonium nitrate,Ammonium sulphate,Aniline,Citric acid,Formic acid,Nickel sulphate,Nitric acid,Oxalic acid,Picric acid,Phosphoric acid,Potassium dichromate,Sodium hydroxide,Sodium sulphide.
Incoloy825:Acetic acid,Acetic anhydride,Ethanol,Aluminium postassium, Ammonium Chloride,Ammonium hydroxide,Aniline,Citric acid,Nickel sulphate,Nitric acid,Oxalic acid,Phosphoric acid,picric acid,Sodium sulphide,Sulphuric acid,Zinc chloride.
Hastelloy C276:Acetic acid,Ethanol,Aluminium chloride, Aluminium postassium, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium hydroxide,Benzene,Citric acid,Formaldehyde,Formic acid,Hydrofluoric acid,Nitric acid,Oxalic acid, Phosphoric acid,Sodium hydroxide,Zinc chloride.
Other unlisted fluids please contact with our sales team for supporting

Ni200 bar stock material for Ni200 gate valve

3.Zirconium alloy material features:
Zirconium is highly resistant to a wide range of acids and bases, both organic and inorganic acids,salt solutions,strong alkalis and some molten salits which makes it an interesting and exceptional long-life alternative to other materials in highly demanding applications.
Zirconium alloy valves application for below fluids:
Acetic acid, Acetic anhydride, Aluminum chloride,Ammonium sulfate,Aniline hydrochloride,Barium chloride,Calcium chloride,Carbon tetrachloride,Citric acid,formic acid,Hydrochloric acid,Hydrogen peroxide,Lactic acid,Magnesium chloride,Nitric acid,Potassium chloride,Sodium chloride,Stannic chloride,Sulfuric acid,Tannic acid,Zinc Chloride.
Other unlisted fluids please contact with our sales team for supporting

Zirconium alloy bar material for Zirconium valve

4.Bronze alloy material features:
nickel aluminium (aluminum) bronze alloy is high strength and outstanding corrosion resistance. It is renowned as having high strength and ductility which is retained at low temperatures, good shock & wear resistance, good casting qualities as well as being easy to machine.
Nickel aluminium bronze C95800 material valves application for below fluids:
Acetic acid,Acetone,Alcohols,Amyl chloride,Borax,Barium chlodide,Boric acid,Carbon dioxide,calcium chloride,Caustic soda,Citric acid,Ethers,Esters,Formaldehyde,Fuel gases,Glycerin,Glucose,Hydrogen,Inert gases,Oxygen,Oxalic acid,Seawater,Sulfur acid,Zinc chloride.
Other unlisted fluids please contact with our sales team for supporting

Rough casting material for C95800 5'' 150LB RF flange globe valves

5.(Super) Duplex steel material features:
(Super)Duplex stainless steels are about twice as strong as regular austenitic or ferritic stainless steels,and it is showing very good stress corrosion cracking (SCC) resistance .It has lower cost than other high alloy materials.
(Super) Duplex steel valves application for below fluids:
Acetic acid, Ammonium bromide,Ammonium hydroxide,Ammonium sulfide,Benzoic acid,Calcium chloride,Calcium nitrate,Copper Acetate,Ethyl chloride, Formic acid,Gallic acid,Magnesium sulfate,Mercuric cyanide,Nitric acid,Nitrous acid,Perchloric acid, Silver nitrate,Urea,Zinc sulfate.
Other unlisted fluids please contact with our sales team for supporting

Bar stock for 150LB RF  forged gate valve

6.Other corrosion resistance material (904L,Alloy 20,AISI 321,AISI 310S) features:
Grade 904L stainless steels have excellent resistance to warm seawater and chloride attack. The high resistance of grade 904L against stress corrosion cracking is due to the presence of high amounts of nickel in its composition. Grade 904L stainless steels offer good oxidation resistance. However, the structural stability of this grade collapses at high temperatures, particularly above 400°C.
904L material valves application for below fluids
Formic acid,Phosphoric acid, Sulfuric acid, Sulfurous acid, Organic acid, Alkali,Hydrogen sulphide
Other unlisted fluids please contact with our sales team for supporting

904L globe valve bar stock