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Adqvalve’s tips for butterfly valve maintenance

  • Author:http://www.valve-world.net/
  • Source:http://www.valve-world.net/
  • Release on:2018-08-20
Triple eccentric butterfly valves belong to a special class of butterfly valves because these valves are designed to work at high temperature. For a long-term, quality performance, these valves demand a timely preventive maintenance. Adqvalve discusses the various factors to be considered during the preventive maintenance.

Firstly, it is important to regularly check whether air leakage occurs in the diaphragm. Also, it is ideal to check whether the output of the regulator is consistent with the valve position indicator. The debris in the air source pipeline should be cleaned. Next, the air source condition of the high-temperature control valve should be checked. If there is any problem, it must be solved immediately. Then the upper and lower cover flanges of the valve body should be inspected as well as the two two side pipe flanges should be checked for possible leakage. It is important to ensure that the packing is intact and not leaking. In addition to all these, a user should regularly check whether the opening degree of the valve is consistent with the output.

A pneumatic high-temperature control valve ledger should be established to record the results of each inspection and fault treatment, in orderto make it easier to analyze and deal with future fault causes.