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Ball Valves for PDS of Unipol Polypropylene Unit

  • Author:valve world
  • Source:valve-world.net
  • Release on:2019-05-15
The requirement olefins are expected to grow by 4% or more in the next several years. The packaging and automobile industries are important users of polymers. The market requires high-quality polymers. And valves play an important role in the powder discharge system of the polymer processing unit. In April 2019, C-Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully designed and produced the High performance fully metal seated Ball Valves for the PDS of China local Polymer Processing Unit. It is the Unipol gas-phase polypropylene unit of DOW, and the minimum operation cycles is 0.5million (≥0.5 million cycles). Frequent cycling, high temperatures and high-speed stroke time can damage valve seats and stem, and resulting in increased fugitive emissions. To overcome these abrasive conditions, the design was adopted: The valve type: Fully metal seated Ball Valve, Trunnion Mounted. Special and patent seat design maintains tight shut-off performance to FCI 70-2 Class VI criteria. Integrated stem design and patented sealing packings can be easily retightened to avoid/reduce fugitive emission. Valve Ball and Seat are coated with Tungsten Carbide. Special Coating method and Equipment were adopted. We ensure the ball surface hardness is HRC76, and the seat surface hardness is HRC68. And the thickness of the coating is from 200 to 300 microns. The full-bore design of C Tech PDS valves ensures non-turbulent ow without pressure drops. It also minimizes the likelihood of solids build-up that can reduce medial ow.

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