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Combination of rupture disc and safety valve

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-09-21
Combination of rupture disc and safety valve

In order to ensure that the safety valve can perform its certified performance even with a rupture disc installed on its front, Rembe and LESER jointly conducted a combined test. These tests enable REMBE Safety + Control and LESER to provide proven high-performance solutions.

Both safety valves and rupture discs are used for decompression. In most cases, they are used as alternative solutions, and manufacturers sell them in this way. But it is this combination that provides many benefits.

In particular, the rupture disc is characterized by high air tightness without blasting, and the investment cost is relatively low. However, the bursting principle ensures that the pressure in the system is completely released, resulting in high media loss.

On the other hand, the combination of a safety valve and a bursting disc can ensure that the medium loss through the safety valve is limited, and the system can continue to operate when the pressure is relieved. Bursting discs can ensure a high degree of tightness, and can protect the safety valve inlet from corrosive media during normal operation.

Cowinns cooperated with NEWAY safety valve branch factory, besides we have professional design team for high pressure control valve, so we can offer a good solution plan for end user.