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OMAL high pressure ball valve 500bar design pressure application for natural gas

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2019-12-23
Project Name: Gas production equipment project of Pfeifa Power Workshop

Client: Beijing Pufa Power Holdings Co., Ltd.

Product Details

Supplier: Shenzhen Derui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

Products Offered: OMAL Hercules High Pressure Ball Valve + OMAL Pneumatic Actuator

Application Features

1.OMAL's Hercules high pressure ball valve is a special material Powerammide developed by Omar and the most famous European material manufacturer. The upper sleeve changes the original metal-to-metal friction into metal-to-metal non-metal friction, which can ensure that the valve will not leak out even under high cycle working conditions. The lower shaft sleeve adopts a shoulder-type design to increase the bearing area, which not only enhances the sealing effect, but also effectively buffers the huge impact force that the valve rod bears when the high pressure difference occurs.Cowinns also focused on high pressure double block and bleed ball valve.We think it is the most inmprtant for high pressure ball valve founction.

2. The diameter of the ball is increased by 60%, which effectively disperses the pressure impact and increases the sealing contact area between the ball and the valve seat. The ordinary high pressure valve is raised by 70%.

3.V-type valve seat design, provides back pressure under high pressure, reduces the deflection angle of the ball; increases sealing pre-tightening force under low pressure to ensure the stability of the valve during operation.

4. The main body adopts high-pressure impact forging, and the shell is strengthened. The fire and anti-static device through the 1000Bar shell test can play an emergency rescue function when the temperature rises or leaks. The fire resistance test conforms to API6FA and API607 standards.

5. Equipped with OMAL's fork-type pneumatic actuator, the adjustment between the two is more nature, ensuring the customer's operating conditions and extending the service life of the self-controlling valve.Cowinns also has good experience on high pressure valve design and manufacturing .There is one kind 2'' 2500LB F316 RTJ DBB ball valve in Cowinns.