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Relation between nominal pressure and setting pressure of safety valve

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-01-03

The safety valve has a nominal pressure and a set pressure. Nominal pressure refers to the maximum allowable pressure of the valve body, for example, the nominal pressure is PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64, etc .; set pressure refers to the spring under the action of pressure, when the set pressure is reached, the spring lifts the valve Pressure is released outward from the rod. For example, the setting pressure is 0.1Mpa, 1.2Mpa, 2.2Mpa and so on. The nominal pressure refers to the pressure rating of the safety valve, that is, the highest pressure that the safety valve can withstand. The setting pressure of the safety valve means that the pressure inside the safety valve will jump when it reaches this pressure. There are some famous brands of safety valve in China market, besides come high pressure control valve also is necessary for some pipelines, you can find this high pressure and high temperature control valve in China power plant high pressure control valve manufacturer. The setting pressure is adjustable, but the setting pressure also has a hierarchical relationship, which is generally adjusted within the standard set range. See the chart below for the setting pressure of the safety valve:

The safety valve pressure level range refers to the applicable pressure range of the safety valve. Because the safety valve has both a maximum pressure limit (mainly considering safety factors) and a minimum pressure limit (mainly considering use sensitivity). When the safety valve type is selected, it should be set according to the working pressure required by the working conditions, so that the take-off pressure of the safety valve should comply with relevant regulations, such as the boiler safety valve regulations: the safety valve with a lower opening pressure, its set pressure It should be 1.12 times the working pressure, and should not be less than the working pressure plus 0.07 MPa; the setting pressure of the safety valve with a higher opening pressure should be 1.14 times the working pressure, and should not be less than the working pressure plus 0.1 MPa, and should be based on Relevant regulations require periodic calibration, and the adjusted safety valve should be “lead-sealed”.

When selecting the safety valve, it is generally necessary to refer to how large the set pressure is, and then decide which level of the safety valve to choose. For example, if the setting pressure is 0.5Mpa (5 kg), then a safety valve with a nominal pressure of PN16 can be selected. If a safety valve with a nominal pressure of PN25 is used, of course, it is also possible, but there is no need to cause material waste.

Besides safety valves ,there is China 2500LB ABB positioner control valve factory can supply high pressure and high temperature application control valve. Control valves main function is regulating pipeline pressure.