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Trends in wastewater treatment and valve implications

Sarah Bradley valve-world-america 2019-02-18 16:56:51

Water is an indispensable natural resource as it is directly related to the conservation of life, energy generation and economic development. With the expansion of the world population and the increase in drought or flooding in some regions, the need for clean water will continue to increase. This development will not only have an impact on the water production industry, but will also have a major impact on the waste water treatment infrastructure.

The water treatment is one of the topics that will be at the forefront of the world discussion in the coming decades. Because water is a limited natural resource, the discussions revolve around the challenges of water reduction sources, contamination of water resources, reuse and conservation of water, new regulations and standards issued by governments, and funding and investments in infrastructure projects.

This macro-scenario is beginning to have a direct impact on current methods of water treatment and related valves and equipment.


To increase in question

Population growth and urbanization are a major concern for the water industry. Because of the sustainable population growth, the United Nations estimates a 40% increase in the world water demand by 2030. By 2050, about 70% of the world population will live in urban areas, which will further drive to increase in global water demand.

In the coming decades, countries like China and India will have more challenges compared to others in terms of water management due to their limited water sources, strong demographic growth and rapid industrial development. Why water is a limited natural resource, it is imperative that waste water be treated and recycled; this will make the wastewater one of the most growing sectors in the coming decades. Industry estimates calculate that the total size of the water sector will reach 1 billion dollars by 2025.

Modernization of infrastructures

This global increase in demand and water treatment will drive modernization and the expansion of existing infrastructures and technologies to keep up with the question. Processes related to desalination, ultrafiltration and water microfiltration, including their secondary technologies such as valves, pumps and piping, will see the biggest growth and development of new products solutions to serve the market.

As the industry grows, the demand for greater water management capacity is at the forefront plant up-ups, pumping capacity and valve and pipe dimensions. Larger the system's capabilities require the use of larger valves. Gate valves (which were generally only available up to 64 inches) are now available on the market in dimensions up to 108 inches for specialized applications. As the industry leader, Seguro has expanded its range of products with gate valves to include larger sizes a welcome the growing market demand.

Not a simple science

Water treatment is not a simple science. The process of conversion of waste water e Industrial wastewater in clean drinking water requires contaminated water go through a series of precisely controlled processes. Different types of the valves are used in different parts of the process to control, direct and divert the flow. To handle large volumes of water, a rubber-sealed rubber band is seated the gate valve is commonly used. In other parts of the process, such as bar screens, grit chambers, classifiers, disinfection, treatment stations, etc., a variety valves are used as gate valves, gate valves, sleeves and lining plug-in valves, coated butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, control valves (globe and butterfly), etc. In order to meet the water market demand, the FluoroSeal group offers a series of products such as Seguro rubber Resilient closed gate valve sealed by Brdr. Christensen Company e coated and coated pinch valves, coated ball valves and coated butterfly valves from the FluoroSeal special valves.

Reliable solutions

The Seguro rubber gate valve requires minimal maintenance, which increases the valve cycle duration. A common problem with the rubber gate the valves in industrial water treatment applications are losses due to sediment accumulation and, in some cases, peel-off of the coating.

Seguro gate valves do not have a separate safety ring; the seal is reached by the lining of the disk lining against the body. This leads to a full smooth hole and a self-emptying valve body design, which eliminates the possibility of the sediment accumulates in the body, thus avoiding expensive maintenance interventions 100% closure.

Another common problem with rubber-based gate valves is that sediments can remains trapped under the coating after closing, which can create a leak path. The The Seguro body liner eliminates this problem; the disk liner can compress a contain the sediment ensuring closure. This exclusive design of the body lining guarantees watertight and reliable during operation.



It is evident that there is a growing demand for larger valves in the water industry with the aim of processing larger volumes of water. For meet the needs of this ever-changing market, the valve industry must respond the demand expanding its portfolio to include larger diameter products such as in addition to introducing design features that eliminate or minimize waste of water through losses or contamination.