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application of EICMATION high pressure and pressure difference control valves in power plants

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2019-12-30
Project introduction:
Name: Upgrade project of medium-temperature and medium-pressure gas generating set

Client: Lianfeng Steel (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Yixie (Jiangsu) Pipeline Control System Co., Ltd. Products: TGA series high pressure regulating valve, TEA series multi-stage pressure reducing regulating valve

Background Information

Lianfeng Iron and Steel (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. was established in June 2002 and is located in Zhangjiagang City. In October 2011, five 25MW generating units with an annual output of 326 million kWh of electricity and gas were built in Lianfeng Iron and Steel Plant. With the advancement of manufacturing technology, especially the high-parameter small-capacity steam turbine technology, the small-capacity generating units have gradually adopted high-temperature high-pressure or ultra-high pressure and ultra-high-temperature ultra-high pressure steam parameters to improve the efficiency of power generation systems. Beginning in 2019, the capacity of 1-4 # generating units will be expanded from 25MW to 40MW. The main feed water regulating valve and the first and second desuperheating water regulating valves are one of the core equipments of the reconstruction project. Our technicians and engineering companies have conducted multiple technical exchanges and field parameter confirmations, and determined that the main feedwater high-pressure regulating valve uses the TGA series, and the first and second temperature reducing water regulating valves use the TEA series. Since the on-site operation, EICMATION's high-pressure and high-pressure differential control valves have been running well on-site. And also there is other China power generation high pressure high temperature control valve manufacturer

Application Features

1. High working pressure and fast flow rate. There may be flashing and cavitation during the operation of the valve. The material of the internal parts is strict. The internal parts of EICMATION's high-pressure regulating valve are made of precipitation hardened stainless steel, which has excellent strength and hardness performance.

2. Due to the large pressure difference of the desuperheating water regulating valve, the situation of cavitation must be considered. The multi-stage pressure reducing regulating valve of EICMATION has a variety of pressure reducing forms, up to 12 levels of pressure reducing.

3. The flow characteristics and working stability requirements are high. The high-pressure regulating valve of EICMATION has a stable structure and has been operating normally in several power stations.

TGA, TEA Product Features

1. Balanced sleeve single seat design, the sleeve guides the spool, the spool has a balance hole, good stability and low operating force.

2. The valve seat adopts a non-threaded structure, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. The flow capacity is higher than other straight-stroke regulating valves. The components in the valve are made of high-strength stainless steel and have a long life.

3. The specific interchangeability of all internal parts makes it easy to install and maintain on site.

4. The valve packing seal adopts EICMATION patented technology, and there are no leaks and friction forces in the 100,000 full-stroke experiments without increasing the experimental guarantee. The permanent low friction of the valve stem during the up-and-down stroke movement ensures the long-term accuracy and stability of the control valve control.

5. TEA is a multi-stage step-down structure with a maximum step-down level of up to 12, which is suitable for high-pressure differential occasions in power plants.

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