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3/8'' 4500LB A105 Rotork electrical actuator with hand wheel SW Y type globe valve

3/8'' 4500LB A105 Rotork electrical actuator with hand wheel SW Y type globe valve

  • Valve type: Globe valve
  • Port size:3/8''
  • Pressure:4500LB
  • Material: A105
  • End: SE
  • Operation: Rotork electrical actuator with hand wheel
  • Application: Main steam system
  • Medium temperature:100°C

Port size range:3/8''~4''

Pressure rating: 1680LB 2680LB 4500LB

Flow characteristics:

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Structure: Overall forging Y type ,our product could replace some famous brands valves ,such as Velan, Conval, Edward etc.

Main body material : A105、12Cr1MoV、F22、F91、F92、316L,etc

Applications : Main steam system , high pressure bypass pipeline , reheater system ,boiler steam pipeline quickly hydrophobic system, extraction steam system

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