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bare stem 6'' 900LB A105 trunnion mounted full port RF ball valve

  • Valve type: Ball valve
  • Port size:6''
  • Pressure:900LB
  • Material: A105
  • End: RF
  • Operation: bare stem
  • Application: Stem
  • Medium : Stem
  • Working temperature: high pressure


Side entry design

Anti Blow-out Stem: The stem is made separately from the ball. The lower end of the stem is designed

with an integral shoulder to be blowout-proof.

Anti-static Device: The Antistatic Device is a standard feature of the Cowinns ball valve.

Fire safe design:

The trunnion ball valve feature : On a ball with a free floating ball, the ball is forced against the down-stream

seat by the fluid pressure acting on the entire surface of the ball.

Since the resulting torque is a product of the friction force and the seat-ball

contact radius, the break to open torque increases substantially with the

increasing of the differential pressure and/or the size of the valve.

This means that above a certain size and/or a certain differential pressure the

required break to open torque will be so high that it will be impossible to

operate the valve.

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