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AUMA commissions PROFOX for the first time in Germany

COWINNS COWINNS 2022-09-05 17:12:54
AUMA commissions PROFOX for the first time in Germany

The first PROFOX actuator was successfully installed and commissioned at the waterworks in Wüsten-Buchholz, Germany.
At this site, 24 AUMA actuators with actuator controls are currently deployed on two filters, installed in 2000. Customers are now looking for actuators that are suitable for use with 20 years of history. With the new PROFOX, suppliers can offer matching and cost-effective solutions.
In the first step, the vendor installs a test executor. Installation and commissioning worked perfectly.
With the AUMA Assistant App and the AUMA CDT software, the required parameter settings can be completed in just a few seconds. Additionally, the customer controls require modifications to the wiring to properly send the PROFOX feedback signal to the DCS. The client managed this adaptation perfectly.
If the customer is satisfied with the test operation, all 24 actuators will be replaced by PROFOX actuators.

Cowinns can offer client different brand actuator valves. Especially we have good advantage on
pressure seal gate valve.