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Antibiotic globe valves were delivered to biotechnology factory

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-04-03
Antibiotic globe valves were delivered to biotechnology factory

There are many batches antibiotic globe valves delivered to end users ,all valves will be installed in biotechnology factories pipelines.

The main material is WCB, working pressure PN16

Antibiotic globe valve DN125.jpg   Antibiotic globe valve handle wheel.jpg


Antibiotic globe valves are mainly used in the fields of biological fermentation, medicine and beer fermentation. The bottom can be provided with drain holes according to customer needs. It has a long service life at high temperature and zero leakage without dead angle.


1. It has strong sterilization and detoxification functions to prevent product infection.

2. The gasket is made of high temperature resistant PTFE composite material. (The highest temperature can reach ≤120 ℃)

3. The sealing gasket, the middle sealing ring of the valve body, and the stem packing are all made of high-quality PTFE material. Long life and corrosion resistance to ensure no internal or external leakage.

4. The streamlined flow path makes the pressure loss small.

5. The gasket can be replaced, it is more convenient to disassemble, and the Antibiotic WCB stop valve maintenance cost is low.

Design standards

Design and manufacture: GB / T12235

Flange size: JB / T79.1

Structure length: GB / T12221

Inspection and test: JB / T9092

Antibiotic globe valve packing.jpg  Antibiotic globe valve wcb material.jpg