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Wuzhong Instrument domestically replaces imported products with special valves for hydrogenation uni

Cowinns Cowinns 2020-04-01 17:19:48
Wuzhong Instrument domestically replaces imported products with special valves for hydrogenation units

With the tightening of environmental regulations on pollution involving sulfur, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogenation has become a more adopted process in the refining industry. The hydrotreating process removes contaminating impurities (such as sulfur, nitrogen, heavy metals, etc.) from the oil, and converts heavy raw materials into lighter components through selective reaction with hydrogen in a heated catalyst bed Process has good economic effects.

      Many sets of hydrogenation equipment have been built in China, but because the working performance of the high-pressure control valve in the high-pressure hydrogenation device directly affects the safe operation of the device, there are extremely high requirements for the safety and reliability of the valve. The start of the hydrogenation process, the key technology of high-pressure differential valves in the device has been monopolized by foreign counterparts in the industry, the valve design process parameters are difficult to reach domestic valve manufacturers, especially in the residue hydrogenation device, the domestic basically did not participate in the bidding opportunity. In the past ten years, with the progress of localization, the country has gradually attacked the key valve technology of hydrogenation equipment and realized the replacement of imported products.

      Combined with the requirements and characteristics of the valve of the hydrogenation device, the Wuzhong Instrument Company's A series of control valves can completely cover the selection requirements of the conventional type of control valve for the hydrogenation device, and design according to the operating conditions of different oil hydrogenation devices. ATM labyrinth disc type, ATE multi-angle multi-channel pressure-reducing type and ATL axial tandem type high-pressure difference type valves have been fully equipped with the ability of a complete set of hydrogenation device valve solutions.

high pressure control valve.jpg

With the development of the market, special valves for hydrogenation equipment produced by Wuzhong Instrument Company have been successfully applied to customer sites. According to on-site tracking and feedback, the valves are reliable in regulation and excellent in performance, such as Panjin 1 million tons / year diesel hydrogenation equipment, Kaidenis The 200,000-ton / year heavy oil hydrogenation unit of Hebei Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and the light white oil hydrogenation unit of Zhonghai Taizhou Special Oil Technology Co., Ltd. are all sets of special valves for hydrogenation units, which have successfully replaced imported products. .

Special requirements for valves for hydrogenation plants

      High temperature and high pressure resistance, the most typical type is the hot high separation level control valve. Take the residue hydrogenation device as an example. The valve works under high temperature (above 400 ° C) and high pressure (above 15MPa) conditions. At the same time, high pressure difference, Damage due to cavitation, scouring and other severe operating conditions; resistance to hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion. The corrosion form is chemical corrosion of steel by hydrogen sulfide. In a hydrogen-rich environment, 90% to 98% of organic sulfur will be converted to hydrogen sulfide. The acceleration of steel will accelerate the corrosion of steel, so the general valve must meet the requirements of NACE MR0103 or MR0175; reliable sealing performance, the medium regulated by the valve is flammable and explosive oil, hydrogen and hydrocarbons, special working conditions, Therefore, the valve sealing performance must be good and quite reliable.