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Brief knowledge of intelligent positioner

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-09-01
Brief knowledge of intelligent positioner

The valve positioner is the main accessory of the control valve. It uses the valve stem displacement signal as the input feedback measurement signal, and the controller output signal as the setting signal for comparison. When there is a deviation between the two, the output signal to the actuator is changed to make the actuator act and establish the valve One-to-one correspondence between the rod displacement and the controller output signal. Therefore, the valve positioner constitutes a feedback control system that uses the displacement of the valve stem as the measurement signal and the output of the controller as the setting signal.

Cowinns triple offset butterfly valve can be operated with electrical actuator with ABB positioner

The intelligent valve positioner is an intelligent process control instrument based on microprocessor technology that uses digital technology for data processing, decision generation and two-way communication. It does not require manual adjustment and can automatically detect the zero point, full range, and friction of the regulating valve. Coefficient, automatically set control parameters.