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DBB system in instrument pipeline

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-07-31
DBB system in instrument pipeline

Cowinns is one professional high pressure DBB valve supplier in China. And also there are many famous valve companies around the world.

Custom valve manufacturer AS-Schneider announced a new design. This design is dedicated to instrument piping. The company created the "Double Block & Bleed" series 20 years ago. Since then, they have reported many improvements, and this new system is one of the innovations. The company's design is based on the standard SHELL MESC SPE 77/165 and EEMUA 182.

As the name suggests, AS-Schneider engineers installed these valves on the pipeline. Therefore, at least the first stop valve from the process must have a reliable process design. Process valves and instrument valves have different requirements, depending on the function, medium and pressure-volume product. The potential hazards of pressure equipment are a function of these parameters.

Users continue to report the first-class experience of our VariAS block. Therefore, we developed the DBB ball valve for instrument pipelines. The main goal is to provide a cost-effective solution. Due to the lower requirements for the instrument, this goal is feasible. There is also no need for an integrated sturdy main isolation valve. The result is that our BA series DBB ball valve has a very compact design. Lighter and take up less space. It also has high-quality components to ensure reliability and safety.

Advantages of instrument DBB ball valve

Double shut-off valves and exhaust valve systems are standard installations, and they are widely used in the oil and gas industry. This type of installation of DBB valve systems has become a common practice. You can even find them on offshore platforms. We use three single valves and a bleed valve between two isolation valves to connect to the DBB system.

It is best to switch to the BA series, because one of the series integrates three valves in one valve body. One of the advantages is lower cost. For special materials (such as 625 alloy or similar materials), the savings are most obvious. BA series DBB also has fewer potential leak paths. Moreover, its lighter weight, which is a boon for ships and offshore applications. It can reduce costs without compromising safety. In addition, it is easier to install and save space.

AS-Schneider instrument DBB valves are suitable as standard, up to 6,000 PSI (414 bar). They are also available in high-pressure versions up to 10,000 PSI (689 bar). All AS-Schneider valves have a blowout prevention system.

The relevant documents are as attachment.