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Fluid mechanics of control valves

  • Author:David Sear
  • Source:valve-world.net
  • Release on:2019-07-17
Dr. Baumann, international consultant e former VP of Masoneilan and Fisher Controls, he is a true expert when it comes to control valves. To date he is the author of 140 publications, is credited with over a hundred patents and has written several books. Valve World is therefore pleased to announce that his latest publication on control valves is now available through ISA.

The The International Society of Automation (ISA) recently announced the first edition release of control valve fluid mechanics: how the valves control the process, a practical reference guide for a correct design, selection and control valve operation.

Written by Hans D. Baumann, Ph.D., PE - a world-renowned expert on the control valve technology that will need no introduction for Valve World readers: the book reflects the latest understanding of how fluid mechanics and acoustics affect performance of the control valve.

"The the book is mainly aimed at the technicians of the tools and processes that need it fundamental knowledge of control valves and their role in the industrial process control systems, "says Dr. Baumann, who has been awarded over 100 patents concerning the control valves. "In addition to outlining the mechanics and Functional value and importance of control valves, helps engineers to avoid destructive effects, such as cavitation, fluid-induced and excessive vibration sound levels. "

Dr. Baumann continues: "In addition, the book includes updated valve sizing equations and reference tables to select the correct type and size of a control valve for a given application. This makes it a valuable reference and technical guide for practitioners and university students study the theory of automatic control. "

For the benefit of international readers, examples and equations are presented in metric and usual terms and measures in the United States.

Such as to order your copy

TO buy a copy of Mechanics of control valve fluids: how the valves control yours Process please go to: www.isa.org e Enter "Baumann" in the search field. This will give an entire list of content for Dr. Baumann, including links to many of his publications and a recent one Q & An interview in which he discusses only because he wrote his last check book of valves.

Dr Baumann

Dr. Hans Baumann's latest publication is
called Fluid Mechanics of Control valves
Dr. Baumann can be reached to
hdbaumann (at) att.net