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How to distinguish the identification paint of the valve

Cowinns Cowinns 2020-06-03 19:06:46
How to distinguish the identification paint of the valve

The outer surface of the valve should be painted and leave the factory, the paint layer should be durable, American regulations, and ensure that the sign is clearly clear.

1. Valve products are identified and painted according to the material of the valve body, and the colors are as follows

Body material

Gray cast iron, malleable  cast iron

Ductile iron

Carbon steel

Acid-resistant steel, stainless steel

Alloy steel

Paint color



Medium gray


Medium blue

Note: Acid-resistant steel and stainless steel are not allowed to be painted, and copper alloys are not painted. For one type cowinns high pressure high temperature check valve which installed in power plant was design with high temperature painting light gray

electrical butterfly valve.jpg

2. In order to indicate the material of the sealing surface of the valve product, it should be identified and painted on the handwheel, handle and wrench of the transmission, and the color is as specified in the table below.

Seal material

Copper alloy


Acid-resistant steel

Nitriding steel boronizing steel

Cemented carbide

Monel alloy



Cast iron

Paint color


Light yellow


sky blue

Sky blue

Dark yellow


Medium green


Note: (1) When the materials of the sealing surfaces of the valve seat and the opening and closing parts are different, paint them with low hardness materials.

        (2) Check valve, coated on top of bonnet: Safety valve, pressure relief valve, and trap valve are coated on bonnet or bonnet.

electrical ball valve.jpg

3. The paint color of the transmission mechanism shall be as follows:

(1) Electric device: The ordinary type is painted in gray, and the three-in-one (outdoor, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion) type is painted in blue.

(2) Pneumatic, hydraulic, gear transmission and other transmission mechanisms are painted with the same products.

4. The paint color can be changed according to the user's order requirements.