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Inconel X-750 material instruction

COWINNS COWINNS 2022-08-11 16:19:17
1.inconel X-750 instruction:

inconel X-750 alloy is a corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant and high-strength precipitation hardening alloy, mainly in the γ" phase of aging strengthening nickel-based superalloy, the use of temperature below 800 °C, alloy below 980 °C has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, 800 °C below has high strength, 700 °C below has good creep resistance, 540 °C below has good relaxation resistance, but also has good forming performance and welding performance. Alloys in the solid solution state are pure austenitic tissues.

2.Applications and features:

Inconel X-750 alloy produces a lot of products, by heat treatment of different its mechanical properties are also different, the alloy is mainly used to manufacture aero engines below 800 °C and require high strength, corrosion resistant ring parts, structural parts and bolts and other parts, working below 540 °C with medium or low stress and require relaxation resistance of the plane spring and coil spring plane wave spring, circumferential coil spring, spiral spring(such as dual plate check valve spring), spring collar and sealing ring and other parts. It can also be used to manufacture parts such as turbine blades for steam turbines. Alloys can be welded in various ways after solid solution treatment, the heat treatment of parts should be carried out in neutral or reducing gas without sulfur, so as to avoid curing, parts should avoid hot and cold treatment between 870-650 degrees, and parts with large planting surfaces should be cooled in air in order to prevent crack solution treatment. Mainly as a pressure shell in light water, pressurized water power reactor  and gas turbine impellers, blades, bolts and other fasteners. There are also aviation components.

3.inconel X-750 Similar grades:

Standards: UNS、ASTM、AISI、DIN 、GB/T14992


ASTM: inconel X-750,No7750

DIN:2.4669,XCR15FE7TIAL,InconelX-750 .

4.inconel X-750 chemical composition:

































5.inconel X-750 main specifications:

Hot rods:15~100mm,

Forged rods:100mm~350mm,

Cold-tie thin plates :0.05mm-4.0mm,

Hot plate:4mm~14mm,Strip 2mm-10mm, Forgings of various sizes and specifications, etc。

Strip and pipe for:Mn≤0.35%,Si≤0.35%

6.inconel X-750 Physical properties:

Density g/cm³

Thermal conductivity /w/(m.k)50~900℃


Specific heat capacity℃)/kg/(kg.k)℃100~900℃

Linear expansion coefficient /(10-6/k)20~800℃









Supply status

Hard HRC


7.inconel X-750 Mechanical properties


Heat treatment


Tensile strengthΣb\MPa


Cross-sectional shrinkageZ/%

Hot rods

Standard heat treatment≤





Cold plate

Standard heat treatment




8.inconel X-750 Processing and welding performance

inconel X-750 Thermal deformation in 950-1205 degrees, large deformation in 1040 degrees, cold working performance is relatively easy to harden, so timely solution treatment to prevent cold processing cracking. Treatment process: solid solution heat treatment system of plate, strip and pipe supply state 980 °C± 15 °C, air cooling. The intermediate heat treatment system of materials and parts can be heat treated by selecting the following processes respectively. Annealing: 955 ~ 1010 °C, water cooling. Annealing of weldments before welding: 980 °C, 1h. Stress relief annealing of weldments: 900 °C, 2h of bao wet. Stress relief annealing: 885 °C± 15 °C, 24h, air cooled.