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Localized development of ultra-low temperature valves for LNG ships passed the review

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-08-12
Localized development of ultra-low temperature valves for LNG ships passed the review

Recently, the Shanghai Society of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering organized a scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting for the “Localized Development of Cryogenic Valves for LNG Ships” in Shanghai.

The project carried out the research and application of cryogenic valve internal sealing performance, external sealing performance, intelligent test method, advanced manufacturing technology, and successfully developed cryogenic globe valve and check valve, the product diameter covers DN15-DN500, forming a product series , The product performance reaches the same level of similar international products, and has passed the type approval of BV and LR classification society.

    The main innovation points and key breakthrough technologies of the project:

    1. The main factors affecting the internal sealing performance of ultra-low temperature valves have been identified, and the internal sealing effect has been improved through the uniformity analysis and design optimization of the sealing specific pressure.

    2. The composite pan-plug sealing structure of domestic materials is used to form a two-sealing combination of pan-plug and low-emission packing, which improves the external sealing effect.

    3. Through the optimization of the material cryogenic treatment process and the automatic surfacing process of the sealing surface, the product quality stability is guaranteed.

    4. The introduction of vacuum technology, intelligent control technology, helium recovery technology, parallel test technology, etc. form an intelligent test method, which improves the accuracy, economy and test efficiency of the test results of ultra-low temperature valve products.

    5. The research results of the project have been incorporated into relevant international standards and domestic standards.

    The developed ultra-low temperature valve products have been successfully matched to the LNG ship project built by Hudong Zhonghua, with a single ship output value of 1.3 million yuan, and will expand the scope of promotion and application on subsequent LNG ships, filling the domestic gap, and achieving significant economic and social benefits. The core technology of the project is a domestic initiative, independent and controllable, and the research results have generally reached the domestic leading and international advanced level. The project declares 8 patents, including 2 invention patents,

   6 utility model patents, 2 related CB industry standards and 2 ISO international standards.

    The appraisal committee unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.