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Advantages and disadvantages of spring washer and flat washer

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-01-10
Advantages and disadvantages of spring washer and flat washer

Flat washers and spring washers are well-known and frequently used washers. Due to the different characteristics of the two, in actual application, the two must be distinguished, otherwise not only cannot play the role of the gasket, but may cause some unnecessary trouble.

It was used for one type Cowinns C95800 ball valve handle.

Flat washers are generally used to increase the contact area between parts. Its advantages and disadvantages are described below:


① By increasing the contact area, components can be protected from damage;

② By increasing the contact area, reducing the pressure between the nut and the device, thereby protecting it.


① The flat washer cannot play the role of anti-vibration;

②The flat washer has no effect to prevent loosening.

The spring washer can rely on its own elastic force to play a role in preventing loosening. Its advantages and disadvantages are--


① The spring washer has a good anti-loosening effect;

② Spring washer has better anti-vibration effect;

③ Low manufacturing cost;

④ Easy to install.


Spring washers are greatly affected by materials and processes. If the materials are not good, the heat treatment is not well controlled, or other processes are not in place, it is easy to crack. Therefore, you must choose a reliable manufacturer, such as our No. 1 product. The quality is on the bar, trustworthy! As one China C95800 ball valve manufacturer, Cowinns cooperated with some different washer suppliers for different product design

In actual use, due to the different emphasis of flat washers and spring washers, in many occasions, the two are matched and used together. This has the advantages of protecting parts, preventing nuts from loosening, and reducing vibration, which is great choice.