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Axial flow check valve

Cowinns Cowinns 2019-12-16 16:14:06
COWINNS Axial Flow Check Valve is a high-performance check valve designed in accordance with API 6D and ASME B16.34 . It is widely used in pipeline systems to prevent liquid backflow hazards and protect mechanical equipment. It also has the superior characteristics of reducing the harm of water hammer, reducing noise, reducing pressure drop and quick response. Depending on the operating temperature and pressure difference, Cowinns can provide corresponding solutions and professional technical services.

Axial flow check valve works: The pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve determines the opening and closing of the valve disc. When the sum of the pressure at the inlet end and the pressure at the outlet end unfolds the spring force, the valve flap opens. As long as there is a pressure difference, the valve flap is always open, but the degree of opening is determined by the size of the pressure difference. When the sum of the pressure at the outlet end and the spring force is greater than the pressure difference at the inlet end, the valve flap is closed and is always closed. Since the opening and closing of the valve flap is in a dynamic force balancing system, the valve operates in a balanced manner, without noise, and the water hammer phenomenon is greatly reduced.
If the fluid flow pressure cannot support the valve in a large opening and maintain a stable open position, the valve flap and related moving parts may be in a state of continuous vibration. In order to avoid premature wear of moving parts, noise or vibration or vibration operation, it is necessary to select the size of the check valve according to the fluid state.
It can be required to support the check valve in an open, stable ON state most early fluid velocity is known as the most small flow rate. If the nominal flow rate through the check valve to meet or exceed the installation of check valves, internal wear is reduced most small, it is possible to prevent catastrophic failures.
It can be seen from the above that having a smaller V can greatly reduce the maintenance cost and increase the reliability of the check valve. (Axial flow check valve) Compared with swing-open and oblique check valve, it has a lower V value. When the valve is opened, the force acting on the valve can be tested, and it can be easily seen. With the increase of the opening angle, the oblique valve disc check valve reduces the force on the valve disc. This is because when the opening angle increases, the area of ​​the valve disc's force decreases. When the fully open position is reached, only the force component of the total fluid flow pressure is supporting the valve flap in the fully open position. This problem does not exist with axial flow check valves.
In (axial flow check valve), the pressure difference is the main factor to keep the valve closed, while the spring only adds a small recoil force. This feature makes the spring's spring force very small, and the response of the spring is very sensitive. The valve disc can give the valve disc the force when the fluid starts to flow backward, so that the valve disc responds quickly to the seat, ensuring a long service life of the valve. Not to be damaged.
When the fluid through the valve, the check valve by axial geometry sleek streamlined design, the pressure loss can be reduced most small and reduce the stroke. While maintaining the same CV value.
(Axial flow check valve) The disc has a small mass, which reduces the friction on the guide surface, and the disc can be seated quickly. The small mass and low inertia disc travels through a short stroke and contacts the valve seat surface with minimal impact. This can prevent the sealing surface of the valve seat from being damaged and prevent the valve seat from leaking.

Design features Product range: Venturi-type channel, reduced pressure drop spring protection, no collision low noise, soft seal with little water hammer hazard , secondary seal hard seal, full range of fire protection design provides lifting ear and foot valve without medium leakage .

Type : Gate valve, globe valve, check valve Size : 2 ~ 60 " ( DN50 ~ DN1500 ) Pressure rating : 150 ~ 2500LB ( PN16 ~ PN420 ) Body material : Cast carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel Connection form : RF , RTJ , BW