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Waste-to-energy plant approval process

Cowinns Cowinns 2020-11-11 17:23:40
Waste-to-energy plant approval process

We here share the approval process of waste-to-energy plant building as below.

1. Project preparation

Clarify national industrial policies and local government policy opinions and support commitments for the project

- clear investment mode ( BOT / BOO ) and government subsidies - the implementation of the project site, process route and process scale - determine the project investors, the project company name pre-nuclear industry and commerce - Organization code to handle - registered capital Industrial and commercial registration - carry out waste resource research - analysis and forecast - sign agreement ( BOT/BOO ).

2. Project approval

The approval process of the development and reform department : according to the government's commitment to the project policy and supporting opinions, the project proposal is prepared. Submit an application to the local Development and Reform Commission to carry out the project - Development and Reform Commission will prepare the public (at the seat of the public media project 5 working days) - issued by the project preliminary service contact form - made the project site construction (planning), environmental protection, land, electricity, water, etc. sector support projects involving observations - Bank project loan commitment - urban management department junk minimum guarantee amount of the commitment letter - support based on the views of various local departments to submit report to the local Development and Reform Commission, the provincial Development and Reform Commission issued apply for "project Contact list" of - According to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission's project service contact list - obtain support from the provincial departments of construction, environmental protection, land, electricity, and water conservancy -the project company's very good Grade A qualification unit prepares the project feasibility study report and project application report - through the local development and reform commission The Provincial Development and Reform Commission submits requirements for project application report approval application - the development and reform commission's very good Development Planning Research Institute reviews the project application report and issues evaluation opinions -the development and reform commission conducts pre-approval publicity in the public media of the project location ( 5 working days) — —The local Development and Reform Commission reports to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission to report on the publicity situation —The Provincial Development and Reform Commission issues the project application report approval opinions.

Approval process of the construction department :

Obtain the preliminary site selection opinion and project red line map from the planning department -the environmental sanitation department's commitment letter for the minimum amount of waste and the support opinions of relevant departments -the project company entrusts the qualified unit to prepare and complete the project site selection report - project company Apply to the Construction Bureau, and the Construction Bureau will report the site selection application and site selection description to the Provincial Construction Department, attach the Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s project service contact sheet, the construction bureau’s preliminary project site selection opinions , and 2 copies of the project red line map and the general layout of the project Map, the location map in the overall plan of the city where the project is located and the overall planning approval document, the location map in the environmental sanitation special plan where the project is located and the approval document of the environmental sanitation special planning, the garbage transportation route plan, the land use plan of the project site, infrastructure and social services Location map in facility planning, location map of power path in power planning and general power path map ( 2 copies), pre-examination opinions of land and resources department, registration form of geological disaster risk assessment report and certificate of non-overburden ore, pre-examination by environmental protection department Opinions and EIA implementation standards, the project has no demolition certificate or government department's demolition commitment letter, the project site has no cultural preservation area certificate and the project site is not in the scenic tourist area, the copy of the business license of the legal entity, the copy of the legal person ID card , disclosure of information electronic documents - provincial Department of construction window for handling the application materials, issued the notification of acceptance, and publicity (in the Department of construction site 20 working days) - after the publicity, organize experts to review the project site and feasibility reports Issuing review opinions — Based on the review opinions, the Provincial Construction Department issues opinions and review opinions on site selection for construction projects.

Environmental protection department approval process : obtaining environmental protection departments of the project preliminary views - EIA implementation of standards, adjust the total pollutant control, sewage nanotubes criteria, qualified organization after the completion of the EIA report, submitted an application to the local environmental protection department audit to obtain Initial review opinion of the local environmental protection bureau — entrust the Provincial Environmental Assessment Center to evaluate the project’s environmental impact assessment report, obtain institutional assessment opinions, hire experts and obtain review opinions —the construction unit and the environmental assessment unit submit an application for permitting the environmental impact assessment to the provincial environmental protection department window with attached The following materials: Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s project service contact list, the construction unit’s EIA document application report and the red-head document of the legal person’s commitment to implement environmental protection measures, the project’s general layout plan, EIA report and electronic version, the evaluation agency’s evaluation opinions and expert review opinions, local Environmental protection department's preliminary review opinions, environmental assessment implementation standards, total pollutant control adjustments (all originals are required), provincial construction department construction project site selection opinions, review opinions and red line maps, land and resources bureau construction project land pre-review opinions, provincial water conservancy department water conservation Program approval documents, publicity texts of the original project publicity materials, publicity certificates issued by the local environmental protection bureau and related organizations, publicity photos, etc., local environmental protection planning and approval documents, and the demolition of residents within the health protection distance, the people's government at or above the county level If there is no need for demolition and relocation, the local government will issue a certificate of no demolition. After acceptance, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department will simultaneously publish the pre-approval 10 working days online and on the public media where the project is located -The Environmental Protection Bureau reports the publicity and handling opinions to the Provincial Environmental Protection Department - Based on the publicity results, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department issues the project environmental assessment approval opinion.

The approval process of the land department :

the land pre-examination application submitted by the construction unit and related attachments: the development and reform commission project service contact sheet, planning site selection opinions and planning and design conditions, partial color map of the township-level land use master plan indicating the scope of land use, survey delimitation of technical reports and boundary survey map - issued by the land pre-trial opinion - the local land departments reported to the provincial land require proof of project pre-construction land views, together with the provincial Development and Reform Commission projects a single service contact the local department of the State project Land use field survey form, the local land department’s certificate that the project construction land is not in the geological hazard-prone area and the certificate of no Class A mine compaction within the construction land area, the local land department’s construction land scope 1 : 10,000 current land use sub-frame map, local The local department of land and resources for the project construction land scope partial color map of the township-level land use master plan, the local land management office project construction land acquisition compensation agreement, the local land acquisition office construction land involving the township and villagers and the land acquisition meeting minutes, the local land surveying and mapping office boundary survey report and boundary survey map - provincial land and online publicity window for handling 20 working days - issued construction land pre-views - the provincial government issued construction land in accordance with the National land Agency, Ministry of construction land pre-approval of the views comments - —According to the provincial government’s construction land approval opinion, the Municipal Land Management Office shall announce the land acquisition in the name of the municipal government within 10 working days — Announce the compensation plan in the name of the city’s land within 45 working days — the municipal government shall pay for the construction land Compensation plan approval, industrial land use right bidding, auction and registration approval process: project company submits project land application form - on-site survey form provided by the Municipal Bureau of Land Surveying and Mapping - Provincial Construction Department Planning and Site Selection Opinion and Red Line Map - Provincial Government Opinions on the approval of construction land - land plan announcement provided by the Bureau of Land and Resources, announcement of compensation and resettlement plan and municipal government approval - land acquisition agreement for construction land provided by the Municipal Land Acquisition Office - project company provides payment voucher for land acquisition and resettlement fees for land-related farmers, and participates in insurance credentials - City land surveying the construction land survey report and boundary survey map - City land assess the land evaluation report and record sheet - government land acquisition Chaogu single - project provincial Forestry Department agreed to review the use of forest land Land transfer and land supply process: the project company submits an application for land supply bidding -the project company submits the quotation for the project construction land transfer -the project company submits the business registration business license of the enterprise -the project company submits the legal person certificate and the legal representative status Certificate ——The project company submits the power of attorney to participate in the transfer of land registration. The procedure of the bid-winning export transfer procedure: the project company signs a construction land transfer contract with the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau -the project company pays the land transfer fee -the municipal notary office issues a land transfer effect confirmation letter. Land for construction land pre-certification process: submission of the project company construction land transfer contract - the project land for construction companies to submit all levels of government audit file - the project company to submit tax documents (deed, tax accounting farming) - project planning company provides Permit and floor plan -the project company submits the approval documents for the project application report to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission - issuance.

Approval process for forest land occupation by the forestry department:

According to the NDRC project service contact form, the local forestry department issues preliminary review opinions on forest land occupation and submits the following required materials (the applicant submits an application for occupation or requisition of forest land, fill in the "Application Form for the Use of Forest Land", NDRC project services Contact single, occupation or expropriation of woodlands construction unit legal proof) - occupation of forest land preliminary views, the project commissioned by qualified organization project feasibility study report is based on occupation of forest land and inspection report - after the completion of the preparation, reported to the provincial Forestry department by the local forestry department , Requires the issuance of an opinion on the use of forest land, and the required materials are as follows: Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s project service contact list, the pre-examination opinion of the local land department, the compensation agreement for project occupation of forest land, the project site selection opinion, construction land planning and design conditions and requirements, forest land ownership Certificate, project feasibility study report on forest land occupation, forest land review application, local development and reform department issued project land approval opinions - materials after payment of forest vegetation restoration fees, the Provincial Forestry Department issues a forest land review opinion. Electric power department approval process: According to the project service contact form of the Development and Reform Commission, the local electric power department issued a letter of in - principle consent to grid connection opinion -in accordance with the grid management procedures, the local power department shall report to the municipal and provincial power companies to issue a reply to the grid connection opinion of the project - according to provincial power grid company approved the opinion, electric power design Institute commissioned by the local electric power access system design - the design is complete, reported to the local electricity sector, the applicant organization and issue a joint hearing to review the minutes - according to the minutes of the review, commissioned by the organization power electric power design Institute Preliminary design of the access system - after the design is completed, report to the local power department for review, and obtain the preliminary design review opinions of the power access system - according to the review opinions, entrust the local power installation company to carry out the construction of the power overhead line - before the preliminary design department signed a "grid-principle agreement" - the official and signed a "grid scheduling agreement" before the grid with the local power sector and "purchase and sales contracts."

Water conservancy department's water conservation approval process : According to the project service contact form of the Development and Reform Commission, the qualified unit is entrusted to prepare the project water conservation plan - Provincial Water Resources Department organizes experts to convene the project water conservation plan review meeting and issue meeting minutes - According to the meeting minutes, the water conservation unit responds The plan shall be revised and reported, and the following materials shall be submitted at the same time: Provincial Development and Reform Commission project service contact list, pre-examination opinions of the Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources, preliminary opinions of the Construction Bureau for project site selection, opinions of the Water Affairs Bureau, general layout of the project, project feasibility study report, The geographical location and current topographic map of the project, the expert review opinions of the project's soil and water conservation plan, the opinion letter of the environmental protection department's pollutant discharge indicator, the environmental sanitation department's principled approval of slag, fly ash sanitary landfill letter -the provincial water conservancy department issued a water conservation plan approval.

Water Resources Certification and Approval Process of Water Resources Department :

According to the project service contact list of the Development and Reform Commission and the opinions of the local water affairs department for project water extraction permits, the local qualification unit is entrusted to prepare a water resources certification report -the Provincial Water Resources Department organizes experts to hold a project water resources certification report review meeting and issue a meeting Minutes — According to the minutes of the meeting, the water resources certification unit revised the report and submitted the following materials at the same time: copy of business license, comprehensive watershed planning report and review opinions, comprehensive watershed planning consent, flood control planning consent, project For proposals and those involving boundary rivers, there must be a mutual agreement, a water resources certification report, and a third-party commitment letter -the provincial water resources department issues a water resources certification report approval.

3. project construction

Construction land planning permit processing - preliminary design: According to the provincial Development and Reform Commission project approval, apply for the "Construction Land Planning Permit", and submit the following materials: construction land planning permit application report and unit business license, construction project site selection opinions , Planning and design conditions and requirements, project approval and approval, review and approval of the architectural design plan issued by the Construction Bureau, and acquisition of land use rights through bidding, auction and listing, the construction unit must provide a transaction confirmation and state-owned land transfer contract, construction (Planning Bureau ) 8 copies of the red line map of the delineated land (or the actual topographic map of the Land and Resources Bureau), 8 copies of the general building plan and a set of architectural design plans including the corresponding electronic documents and calculations of various technical and economic indicators required in the planning and design conditions. Official seal, planning public opinion form, drawings and photos, review opinions of relevant departments such as cultural protection, power supply, road administration, tourism, etc. - According to the provincial development and reform commission project approval, organize the design unit to complete the preliminary design of the project, and report to the provincial development and reform commission through the local development and reform department , Request to organize expert certification, modify the preliminary design based on the certification opinions, report to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission - Provincial Development and Reform Commission for acceptance after improvement, and issue preliminary design approval opinions within 15 working days - perfect the preliminary design.

Construction Project Planning Permit :
According to the preliminary design approval of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, apply for the "Construction Project Planning Permit". The required materials are as follows: construction project planning permit application report, original and copy of the land ownership of the construction project, preliminary design approval, The original construction land planning permit, general layout plan, 4 blueprints and electronic documents require the registration seal of the design unit, the qualification seal of the design unit and the stamp issued by the design unit, and 2 sets of construction drawings of the construction project unit (folded into No. 4 sheet) And corresponding electronic documents, outdoor integrated supporting projects, including road and street lighting sanitation facilities, water supply and drainage, and 3 copies of greening construction drawings , including corresponding electronic documents, review opinions and vouchers of relevant professional departments such as fire protection, lightning protection, civil air defense, and gas. The design unit provides various technical and economic indicators calculations required in the planning and design conditions with official seals, and provides the original building area forecasting report prepared by a qualified surveying and mapping unit, the review report of the construction drawing design documents of the construction project, the planning public opinion form and Attached picture -the construction department issued the "Construction Engineering Planning Permit" on N work days based on the materials submitted for review -the project has the conditions to start construction.

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