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6'' 900LB A494 CW12MW high pressure seal RF hand wheel operate gate valve

6'' 900LB A494 CW12MW high pressure seal RF hand wheel operate gate valve

  • Valve type: Gate valve
  • Port size:6''
  • Pressure:900LB
  • Material: A494 CW12MW
  • End: Flange
  • Operation: Hand wheel
  • Application: high corrosion medium
  • Medium temperature: Normal
Product description:
ASME B16.34 design standard
Pressure Seal, OS&Y, Rising Stem
Flexible Wedge
RT (Radiographic Testing)
Prolonged function and more compact valves characterized by light weight, small volume and less maintenance, specifically designed for the high pressure services encountered in Chemical industry.
Features :
1.Swing eyebolts and gland flange facilitate repacking
2.Inner row of studs establish the initial seal of the pressure seal joint
3.By inserting knockout pin in drilled hole, segmental thrust ring can be easily driven out retaining groove.
4.Stellited back seat seal area provides accurate guiding of stem
5.Segmental thrust ring absorbs all the thrust applied by internal pressure

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