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The operation method of replacing the flange gasket and adding grease to the gate valve

  • Author:COWINNS
  • Source:COWINNS
  • Release on:2022-09-20
The operation method of replacing the flange gasket and adding grease to the gate valve

01 Preparations

Get your butter, grease gun, cotton yarn ready.

02 Operation steps

① Unscrew the top cover of the grease gun and add butter to the cavity.

②Tighten the lid of the grease gun and press the handle of the grease gun until butter flows out.

③According to the specifications of the grease nipple configured by the valve, select the appropriate grease gun nozzle and install it at the grease outlet of the grease gun.

④ Wipe the valve grease nozzle with cotton yarn.

⑤ Align the nozzle of the grease gun with the grease nozzle of the valve, and press the handle of the grease gun to add grease until the grease overflows from the valve stem hole.

⑥ Fully open the valve, spread butter evenly on the thread of the valve stem, and turn the handwheel to switch on and off several times.

⑦ Inventory tools and clean equipment.

03 Technical requirements

①Squeeze the grease gun should not be too fast to prevent the butter from splashing.

②The operator shall not face the valve.

③After adding butter, the valve switch can be flexible.

Replace flange gasket

01 Preparations

①Material: butter, cotton yarn, leak detection liquid, sealing gasket.

②Tools: wrenches, screwdrivers.

02 Operation steps

①Remove the flange connection bolts, remove the valve or remove the leaking pipe section. Remove the used gasket from the sealing surface.

②Choose a suitable gasket and apply a layer of butter evenly on both sides.

③Put the gasket on the sealing surface between the two flanges, align the center of the two flanges and the center of the bolt hole, install the bolt, tighten the nut, and tighten the nut diagonally with even force and several times. It is advisable for the bolt to extend out of the nut by 2 to 3 pitches. After the flange gasket is installed, it should be qualified after the working pressure test and no leakage.

03 Technical requirements

① Operate carefully to prevent damage to the flange.

②After completion, the tools should be cleaned and maintained.

04 Five points for gasket installation

① Correct selection: The form, material and size of flange, bolt and gasket should be selected appropriately according to the operating conditions and the structural form of the flange surface.

②Check carefully: The quality of flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets should be carefully checked before installation, and there should be no burrs, unevenness, cracks and other defects. Carefully check the installation of flanges and pipes, there should be no deviation, wrong opening, wrong hole and so on. Especially for high pressure gate valve, the double checking for gasket installation is very important.

③Clean: The flange sealing surface must be cleaned, and the bolts and gaskets must not be stuck with impurities, oil, etc.

④ Correctly installed: The gasket should be concentric with the pipe or fitting.

⑤ Evenly on the top: the installation bolts and nuts should be evenly applied and tightened symmetrically in multiple times.

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