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Wafer type butterfly valve installation instructions and steps

COWINNS COWINNS 2022-09-23 14:26:01
Wafer type butterfly valve installation instructions and steps

Wafer type butterfly valve is one of the most common types of valves in industrial pipelines. It is different with double flange butterfly valve.The structure of the wafer type butterfly valve itself is relatively small. It is only necessary to put the butterfly valve in the middle of the flanges at both ends of the pipeline, and use studs to pass through the pipeline flange and the opposite ends. The clip-type butterfly valve is locked, and the fluid medium in the pipeline can be controlled. Wafer type butterfly valve is especially suitable for places with narrow space or short distance between pipes. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the disc is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body, so the pressure drop generated by the valve is very high. Small, so it has better flow control characteristics.

Instructions before installation of wafer butterfly valve:

1. Before installation and operation, use air spray to remove foreign objects on the piping, and clean the inner surface of the piping with clean water.

2. Carefully check whether the valve usage is consistent with its performance specifications; (temperature, pressure)

3. Check whether there are debris in the valve channel and sealing surface, and remove it in time;

4. The valve should be installed in time after unpacking, and do not loose any fastening screws or nuts on the valve at will;

5. The wafer butterfly valve must use a special butterfly valve flange.

6. The electric butterfly valve can be installed on the pipeline at any angle. For the convenience of maintenance, it is recommended not to install it upside down.

7. When installing the butterfly valve flange, it must ensure that the flange surface and the sealing rubber are aligned, the screws are evenly tightened, and the sealing surface must be fully fitted; The disc causes leakage at the valve stem.

Installation steps of wafer butterfly valve:

The correct installation of the wafer butterfly valve is related to the sealing degree of the butterfly valve and whether it will leak or not, including the safety in the working conditions. The user should understand the installation process.

1.    As shown, place the valve between the two pre-installed flanges, paying attention to the neat alignment of the bolt holes.

butterfly valve 1.jpg

2. Gently insert four pairs of bolts and nuts into the flange holes, and tighten the nuts slightly to correct the flatness of the flange surface;

butterfly valve 2.jpg

3. Fix the flange on the pipe by spot welding;

butterfly valve 3.jpg

4. Remove the valve;

butterfly valve 4.jpg

5. Weld the flange completely on the pipe;

butterfly valve 5.jpg

6. Install the valve after the weld has cooled down. Ensure that the valve has enough space for movement in the flange to prevent the valve from being damaged, and ensure that the valve plate has a certain opening;

butterfly valve 6.jpg

7. Correct the valve position and tighten the four pairs of bolts (be careful not to over-tighten)

butterfly valve 7.jpg

8. Open the valve to ensure that the valve plate can open and close freely, and then slightly open the valve plate;

butterfly valve 8.jpg

9. Tighten all nuts in a cross-balanced manner;

butterfly valve 9.jpg

10. Confirm again that the valve can open and close freely. Note: Make sure that the valve plate does not touch the pipeline.

The installation of the wafer butterfly valve must be flat before installation. Remember not to bump it at will. After pulling it to the installation length during installation, it is not possible to design the on-site pipeline without special permission. Feel free to disassemble the wafer butterfly valve, this is what we need to know before installation. At the same time, you should also know that the wafer butterfly valve can be installed in any position, but after the wafer butterfly valve is installed, it is necessary to lay the butterfly valve along the line, and make a bracket for the wafer butterfly valve. It is strictly forbidden to remove the bracket when