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Why does steam need to be decompressed?

  • Author:Cowinns
  • Source:Cowinns
  • Release on:2020-02-03

When steam is sent from the boiler to high-pressure output to the steam points of  various equipment, pressure reduction control is often performed. Why does steam need to be decompressed?

1. The boiler usually produces high-pressure steam, which can reduce the size of the boiler, reduce the occurrence of wet steam, increase the dryness of the steam, and carry out long-distance transportation.

2. It is caused by the change of steam density. The steam density is high at high pressure. The same diameter pipeline can transport high pressure steam more than low pressure steam. The use of high pressure steam will reduce the size of the pipeline and save costs.

3. Condensation occurs when steam is used. The decompressed steam reduces the pressure of the condensate to avoid the loss of flash steam when the condensate is discharged. The energy loss of the condensate is lower when discharged under low pressure.

4. Since the temperature and pressure of the saturated steam are corresponding, a pressure reducing valve will be installed to control the pressure in the sterilization process and the surface temperature control of the paper dryer to control the temperature of the process equipment. Besides there is 4500LB Y-pattern power plant globe valve apply for power plant pipeline system
5. The process equipment has its own design pressure. When the pressure of the supplied steam exceeds the demand of the process system, the pressure needs to be reduced. When some systems use high-pressure condensate to generate low-pressure flash steam, it achieves energy saving. When the generated flash steam is insufficient, it is necessary to generate a low-pressure steam supplement through a pressure reducing valve.
6. The steam load of the boiler can be reduced, because the enthalpy of steam is high under low pressure. The enthalpy value at 2.5MPa is 1839kJ / kg, and the enthalpy value at 1.0MPa is 2014kJ / kg. Therefore, low-pressure steam is more suitable for equipment use.
For the use of steam pressure reducing valve, users are particularly concerned about how it can be used well and how to meet the actual needs of the application equipment. First you need to understand the basic categories of steam pressure reducing valves and their advantages and disadvantages. Cowinns can supply power plant high pressure high temperature valves,for example pneumatic Y-pattern steam drain globe valve.